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Our Green-Certified Business Is Going Brown, Grocery Bag Brown That Is!

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Recycled Brown Bag Letterpress Envelope

Before the reusable canvas tote, there was the brown grocery bag.

Still a staple at every grocery store and health food market, the kraft brown paper grocery bag is an often unnoticed hallmark of strength and durability.  Wrapping, carrying and transporting your grocery items in understated toughness.

Once it’s job is complete.  Your items safely stored in the pantry.  It eagerly awaits its next mission.  Always ready to be repurposed, crafted or recycled into new products.

Just in time for Earth Day!  We're debuting our new eco-friendly signature envelope.

The Truly 100% Recycled, Grocer’s Brown Bag Envelope

Happy Day Recycled Letterpress Envelope

As a Green America® Certified letterpress printing business, we’re always searching for the best in recycled paper products.

But just being recycled is not enough!

When you see the label “Recycled” on product packaging, it’s likely being used in its most general sense.  It may simply indicate that leftover scraps and remnants of the paper-making process are scooped up at the mill and put back into the process to make more paper.

When we print “Recycled” on package labeling for our handcrafted letterpress greeting cards, notecards and custom stationery, we are using it in the truest sense of the word.

100% Recycled Post-consumer Waste saves landfills by diverting discarded, previously used paper to create new products.

All of our primary lines of letterpress papers and envelopes divert paper waste from the landfill and use it to create new products.

In the last year, customers purchasing our greeting cards, business cards and custom stationery have helped us divert over 700 pounds of paper waste from the landfill.

Mailing Your Greetings in Rustic Recycled Elegance

Introducing our newest envelope, the Grocer’s Brown Paper Bag Euro-flap envelope.

Recycled Letterpress Envelope

Now you can get a rustic, 100% post-consumer recycled envelope with an elegant, textured surface and sophisticated, deep-folded flap.

All of our newest seasonal greetings and custom stationery now come standard with our signature 100% PCW Recycled, Grocer’s Brown Bag Euro-flap envelopes.

It’s our prayer that your handwritten memories will continue to inspire, encourage and comfort those closest to your heart.  And that they may do so while creating a market for sustainable goods.

See our newest hand-drawn creation featuring the Grocer's Brown Bag envelope.



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