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We're Clearing Out the Old to Make Way for the New

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“The only thing that is constant is change.” - Heraclitus

My mother used to say that if you aren’t moving forward, you’re standing still. And while standing still can be restful and taking time to relax is important, growth and development - and therefore change -  is a simple fact of life.

At R&B Printery, we are constantly learning. Finding new things. Trying new ideas. Exploring new territory. It’s in our nature to do so. So it should come as no surprise that we are making some changes as we learn more about our craft.

If we were still printing the same types of designs we were when we first started, what fun would that be? We’d get bored and you’d have no reason to continue shopping with us!

Here’s what we’ve been up to.

An Even Better Letterpress Paper!

We’ve already launched our new envelopes made from recycled grocery bags and the customer response to them has been great! So we are excited to keep pushing the envelope - pun intended - to bring you the best in recycled products!   

After much searching and testing of samples, we are pleased to debut our newest line of 100% post consumer recycled paper as well! We’ve discovered a 100% PCW recycled paper engineered specifically for letterpress printing. We now can offer you an even more beautiful impression of ink.

Rest, Relax, Recover Letterpress

Sweet Letterpress Birthday

Letterpress Melon

Grab our newest Cards!  Sweet Birthday, Rest Relax Recover, & One in a melon

Be on the lookout for this new paper line being used in all of our future greeting cards and our personalized stationery. It’s sure to impress!  (My goodness, is that my second pun?)

It may seem silly to get this excited about paper, but when paper is your canvas, it becomes the launching pad for everything else.  

We are also continuing to develop our voice as far as design aesthetic goes. Hand drawn and hand lettered designs are becoming a mainstay for us.  

Our Evolving Design

When we first began learning the art of letterpress, using hand set metal type was our starting point. We were drawn to the antique and vintage metal and wood type available in our printing studio. Handling it deepened our connection to the centuries old printing method we fell in love with.

But then, I started experimenting with hand lettering. It was intimidating to dust off old calligraphy pens, but it has become a joy to see doodles and sketches come to life as I practiced. I started finding my voice. And we really like the direction we are going with our design work.

While we still make use of the vintage metal type for custom work, personalization and other traditional designs, we have enjoyed the flexibility that comes with being able to draw virtually anything and render that design onto a printing plate.  

Our best selling cards continue to be those that incorporate hand lettering into a design element or image.

You Are My Sunshine Letterpress

Happy Birthday Letterpress cupcake

Giraffe Grow Letterpress

More of our hand-drawn designs: My Sunshine, Birthday Cupcake, Look Up to You

Here's Where We Need Your Help

So, we’ve done some rearranging in our online store.

Some of our cards that were created and printed using hand set metal type - while high quality and fun to produce - don’t reflect our current direction in terms of design. They were also printed on our older paper.

While we are extremely proud of them, we hope to create a more cohesive product line in future months.

Amaze Me Letterpress

So, we’ve marked down several of our cards printed using handset metal and wood type to clear them out!

You can check them out here. Some are sure to be just your type! (Who knew I could be so punny?)

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