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The Key to Unlocking the Power of Facebook’s Secret Birthday Tool

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Secret Key Facebook Birthday Caroline is a good wife and sister, but that doesn’t stop her from doing it.

It seems no matter how hard she tries, writes a Post-it, sets an alarm, writes it on the calendar, it will inevitably happen.  

She winds up scrambling at the last minute. Rushing to come up with something clever to either hide or mask the fact that she completely forgot...again! By then she winds up overcompensating and spending way too much money, trying to say “I’m sorry this is late.”  

Maybe a belated wish of good fortune would suffice this time.  But she did that last year, too! Last resort?  Head over to Facebook and send a quick “Happy Birthday Sis!”, just like the other 157 friends did.

Disappointed with herself, Caroline wonders “There’s got to be a better way to keep up with birthdays for my close friends and family.”

Guess what?  There is!

I’ve done some detective work and lots of product testing and have found out how to use Facebook’s secret birthday tool.  And, I’m willing to share it with you! I’ve even got a quick and easy to follow video that shows you exactly where to find it!  Keep reading.

But why stop there?

I’ve taken this even further.  I’ve scoured the internet in search of the best tools and techniques for remembering birthdays.  And let me tell you, there’s a lot of junk out there.  

But no fear.  I’ve weeded through the trash and have come up with a few of the best free tools available for moving you right to the front as the best birthday gifter.

Before we get to the hidden Facebook tool, let’s first look at two family of apps designed to seamlessly integrate with your friends’ birthday events on Facebook.

#1 - Amazon Connect Helps You Find the Perfect Birthday Gift

Finding the perfect birthday gift has never been easier.

Simply connect your Facebook account with your account.  You’ll have instant access to your friends’ and family’s public Wish Lists using Amazon’s Friends and Family Gifting Center.  


Just a click away, you’ll be able to choose a gift they actually want to get.  One they’ve already picked out for themselves.

As you connect your two accounts, Amazon will provide a screen to set up when and how you want to post your Amazon activity to your Facebook timeline, automatically.  

Me?  I want to control what is posted on Facebook on my behalf, so I unchecked all the post setting in Amazon when I synced my account with Facebook.  Later, you can choose to share a specific item to your Facebook timeline if you want the world to know about the one item that would make your birthday wishes come true.

WARNING!  Once you connect these two accounts, your public Wish Lists will also become available to your friends and family.  Make sure you don’t add anything to one of your public Wish Lists that may get you into trouble.

    Okay, with gifting out of the way, this next family of apps will help you make the most of your new Windows 8.1 tablet or PC computer.  

    Not a Windows 8.1 user?  Skip this next section, scroll down, and head right for the reveal of the secret Facebook birthday tool.

    #2 - Windows 8.1 Apps Streamline Birthday Reminders

    If you’ve already moved over to one of the new Windows 8.1 tablets or computers, then you have access to two powerful syncing tools to help organize your birthday reminders.

    Before you decide to sync your Windows 8.1 computer to Facebook, you should consider just how you plan on using these tools.

    If you are a Facebook connoisseur, then you may want to consider the more powerful Mail, Calendar, People app.  This way, you get birthday reminders and you can post straight to Facebook and check up on your feed right from the app on your tablet or computer.

    If you don’t use Facebook that often, but you do have a lot of friends and family on Facebook with birthdays you’d like to remember, then the simpler Birthday Social Calendar is the app for you.  It syncs Facebook birthdays and sends reminders. That’s it.  The Con: you don’t really have any customization options in this app.

    If simplicity with the ability to customize birthday reminders is what you need, keep reading.

    Next up?  I’ll show you how to unlock the power of the hidden Facebook birthday tool to create your own customizable calendar app.

    Facebook’s Secret Birthday Tool

    It’s there.  Facebook is not really trying to hide it.

    If you do find it and click on it, you’ll probably just get a weird screen of code.

    But, there’s a hidden secret to using this powerful Facebook birthday tool to create your own custom birthday reminder calendar.  That’s not all.  You can also use this tool to create and sync a custom reminder app right to your iOS or Android phone. Free of charge!  And with no annoying ads or popups to deal with.

    The best way to explain this one is to show you.

    Take a look at this video and I’ll walk you through exactly how to find and customize this tool.  Hint: When you finish with the video, scroll down to the bottom for more helpful links.


    If you are not a Google user, I've also created a short video tutorial for an Yahoo users.  Sorry AOL users, your calendar only syncs to Facebook.  No custom reminder features for you. If you need help syncing your online calendar with your phone, check out these tutorials for Google calendars,, or Yahoo on iOS only (the native Android calendar does not currently support Yahoo calendar syncing).

    Now It's Your Turn to Give it a Try!

    Go to your Facebook account.  

    Copy your custom Facebook birthday calendar link.  

    Now head over to Google, Yahoo, or and setup your custom reminders today. Let us know what you think of the video tutorial in this article.  Head over to Google + or Facebook and join in the conversation.


    Flickr creative commons image by Zarko Drincic.

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