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Here’s Your Chance to Break Free from a World of Ordinary


Ordinary Bicycle Free
mak·er  \ˈmā-kər\:  A creator.  An artist.  Inventor, repurposer, craftsman.
The opposite of mass produced.  Everyone has it.  As seen on TV.  Made in China.

We are artisans with a vision.  To create something that inspires, enhances, beautifies, teaches.  We take the time to design and lovingly craft products by hand. One-at-a-time.

Each item unique.  Beautiful.  Worthy.

We are everywhere.  But, not in the big chain stores.  You have to search to find us.  Those of us who create with passion, sell by necessity and live through your generosity.

The next time you seek to shop, think of us.  Give a gift that says as much about you as it does the person you are buying it for.

That quality matters.  “Made in the USA” means something.  Handmade is an experience to be cherished and shared.

Here’s three reasons engaging in the growing Makers’ Movement will set you apart from all your friends.

1. You’ll be one of the select few to possess it

Everything else is mass produced.

Thousands and thousands of others have it too.

Mass production lures you with cheap prices and pretty ads while ensuring that everyone has an exact copy of what you have.

Makers, on the other hand, make art just for you.  In limited quantities.  By custom order.  There’s only so many to go around.

We design.  Select the pieces, inks, paper, metals, fabrics.  We use our own hands to turn quality raw materials into unique pieces of workmanship you can be proud of.

When you buy from a local maker, you become unique.

You stand out from the crowd, rather than blend in with it.

2. You’ll be at the forefront of emerging trends



The masses haven’t gotten their hands on it yet.

There is a sense of purity that comes from having something handmade.

Buying handmade puts you there when the trend is still in its infancy.  Still developing.  Still establishing.

You get to show it off.  Relish in the scarcity of it.  Know that people are watching.  Noticing.

If you wait until it hits big, you become a follower not a definer.

To help define a trend, you’ve got to recognize it upfront.  Take advantage of it early.  Invest before everyone else jumps on the bandwagon.

It may take off later, but you get to experience it now!  While the secret is still safe.

You’ll have the inside scoop.  Others will come to you for advice.  Seek your help to find one for themselves.

You’ll get to decide if you want to let them in or not.

3. You’ll live with a stronger sense of purpose and meaning

You can’t get it at the mall.

Shopping mass retail numbs your senses.  Tells you what to think.  What you should buy.  Takes all the fun out of the hunt for the unique.  The rare.  That product with a purpose beyond making a dollar.

Shop small… shop local… shop handmade, and you’ll receive an experience larger brands can’t provide.

You could go somewhere cheaper, sure.  But it’s not about the expense.  It’s about the experience.

You want to be known.  Not just another face in the crowd, but a life connected to those who notice you.  Who care.  To be remembered.

Our art empowers your life, connects you to the lives of others and gives you the simple means to inspire and invest in the lives of others.

One purchase at a time.

When you buy from a local maker, you:

  • advocate for the arts
  • build successful small businesses
  • strengthen your local community
  • protect American industry
  • lead by example
  • give meaning to the lives of others
  • honor hard work and ingenuity
  • obtain a unique product

Sure, you can spend your time contributing to the rat race.

Mass produced, foreign-made, cloned products just don’t have the same appeal as local, handmade artistry.

That’s why our handmade letterpress cards are so special

We are real people.

We practice what we preach.  We share what we are learning.  We are in this together.  With you.

When we make a card, we have you in mind.

We use quality, eco-friendly papers and packaging.  Hand mix our inks for brilliant visual interest.  Press our original designs, one card at a time.

We want you to be proud of what you purchase.  To show off our art and cards to your friends.

To enjoy the experience of handwriting a note and mailing it with a stamp.

To have something unique.

To know that you are making a difference in the lives of those who receive and read your handwritten expressions of love, concern, joy, sadness, grief, gratitude and everything between.


Flickr creative commons image courtesy of Sludge Ulper.

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