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What Every Mom Wants to Hear on Mother’s Day

Mother's Day Writing Tips

Mother's Day Life Lessons Learned from Mom

Every mom yearns to know they are a good mom.

Your mom may be your biological parent.  A mother-like figure you looked up to.  A mentor.  Adoptive, foster, or related.  The need is the same, nonetheless.

Mother’s Day provides the perfect opportunity for you to give mom what she wants most.  Hint: It’s not a thing that can be purchased.

We all long to know that we make a difference in this world.  Moms want to know they made a difference in your world.

Your mom just wants to hear you say what a great mom she was and still is.  That she matters… to you.  Whether you call, write a handwritten note, or tell her in person, your words are sure to please.

Here are 21 lessons that can get you started in finding just the right words for your Mother’s Day sentiments.

21 Lessons Your Mother Taught You

1. Actions speak louder than words.  She was great at helping you understand that lip service is quickly blown away by the wind.  Your actions are what count.  Actions are how you learn. This Mother’s Day, share an example of how mom made you a better person.

2. You can be whatever you want to be.  That’s why she pushed you.  She had great expectations for your future.  That’s what motivated her to motivate you.  On Mother’s Day, let your mom know how much her encouragement and support mattered.

3. The world doesn’t revolve around you… all the time.  She helped you keep perspective.  That it’s not always about you.  But when it mattered most, she did make it all about you.  Thank her for a specific time when she made you feel special.

4. Sharing makes the world a better place.  Only child?  You may have missed this lesson.  For the rest of us, we learned early the importance of allowing others to join in.  Even if you still don’t like it, this lesson guides you even today.  It’s so good a lesson, you even teach it to your kids!  This Mother’s Day, share a story of how this life lesson still serves you well today.


Mom On Effort

5.  Always do your best.  Thank her for always being encouraging.
6.  If at first you don’t succeed, try again.  Remind her of a story where her advice paid off.
7.  When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Tell a funny story from your childhood.
8.  Always look on the bright side.  Show gratitude for a time she helped with in a difficult situation.
9.  It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game that counts.  Share how this still helps you even today.


10. Life’s not fair.  And it’s still not fair.  Good thing Mom taught you this important life lesson.  You use this every time you think to yourself, “this stinks!”  Fortunately, Mom taught you many other life lessons to help you cope with this indisputable truth.


11.  “Because I said so.”  Translation – “Some things you won’t appreciate until later in life, until then, you’ll just have to take my word for it.”  Let Mom know that you now see why she did some of the things she did.  Pick a specific example and show appreciation for her resolve.


12.  Say you’re “sorry.”  Natural response – “but I don’t wanna!”  Why is it so hard to say such a little word?  Moms are great at keeping the peace, and this lesson is one of their secret weapons.  Funny how things always seem to resolve once you say I’m sorry.  Tell her you are sorry for something you may have done or said recently that might have hurt her.


13.  If your friends jumped off a bridge…  Probably one of the stupider things Moms use.  Did you ever listen to this one?  Or, just blow it off as ridiculous?  Oh, but if you would have only listened to this lesson a time or two!  Thank your mom for always encouraging you to follow your own path, even if you didn’t always listen.


14.  Your room isn’t going to clean itself.  Meaning, Mom isn’t going to do it for you anymore.  She made you work for it.  Thank her for instilling a strong work ethic and self reliance into your character.


15.  Try it!  You might like it.  This usually meant eating something you knew you were not going to like.  Tell her about something you do now that is because she encouraged you to try it in the first place.


16.  Mom taught you to pay close attention

“Listen to me when I’m talking to you” OR “Look at me when I’m talking to you”.  She wanted to make sure you didn’t miss any detail of a lesson.  If you have kids, you probably use these same phrases to ensure your kids don’t miss anything important you have to teach them.  Share a story of when you used this same lesson with your kids and thank her for teaching it to you.


17. If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a thousand times.  Math is not concrete, it’s relative to your perspective.  Remind her of your favorite saying that she told you “a thousand times” and how you’re glad she didn’t give up on you.


18. What goes around, comes around.  AKA – Treat others how you would like them to treat you.  Share a story of when you put this into practice.  Maybe at work or just out in public.  Thank her for teaching you how to treat others with grace.


19. This is going to hurt me more than you.  If you are familiar with this lesson, then two things are likely true.  1-you got whupped as a kid and 2-you’re pretty sure mom was lying.  Take this opportunity to thank your mom for ensuring you didn’t become a spoiled brat.


20. No, we’re not there yet.  She taught you patience… and how to sit down, shut up and not bother her while she was driving.  Think of a childhood trip that brings back fond memories.  Describe why going on this trip with your mom was so memorable.


 21. Say “please” and “thank you”.  Mom’s are all about proper manners, especially when out in public.  She taught you to be respectful to adults and others.  This Mother’s Day, say “thank you” to your mom for all the life lessons she taught you.

Give it a Try this Mother’s Day

Find your favorite lesson listed above.

Remember a time when your mom’s own words rang true for you.  Help make this Mother’s Day one she’ll cherish by sharing what a great mom she was and is.

Then, head on over to Google+ and share your favorite lesson you learned from mom.


Flickr creative commons image courtesy of Dave Young.

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