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6 Proven Ways Your Family Benefits from Writing Holiday Greeting Cards by Hand

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Christmas Writing Benefits

We create eco-friendly holiday greetings the old-fashioned way.

The gentle squeak, metal clanking and whir of a century-old printing press provides a rhythmic symphony of sounds as each print is handfed one-at-a-time.  Vintage wood and metal hand-set typographic letters are combined with hand-drawn designs and a vibrant color palette of hand-mixed reclaimed inks.  

The keystone characteristic of letterpress art is the deep, sunken impression of the print. Pressed into environmentally superior papers and you get an irresistibly alluring tactile sensation unmatched by more modern digital or “flat printing” techniques.

And we do it by turning paper waste into the canvas for your family’s handwritten sentiments of peace, love and joy this holiday season.

As a Green America® Certified Business, we strive to protect natural forests and the wildlife that depend on them by diverting reusable paper waste from landfills.  

Post-consumer recycling helps create a sustainable market for recycled materials. Our goal is to help your family enjoy a zero-waste holiday writing experience. We encourage the recipients of our cards to continue the cycle by recycling or composting their letterpress cards and biodegradable, plant-based packaging.  

Our eco-friendly letterpress cards and envelopes turn 100% post-consumer recycled paper waste into artful expressions for your family’s cherished handwritten memories.  

But if the thought of writing your holiday cards by hand has you wondering if it’s worth the hassle, you may be in for a surprise.  

The simple act of handwriting can help make you and your family smarter, happier and feeling more connected with your friends and loved ones.

6 proven ways your family benefits from writing holiday greeting cards by hand

The art of the handwritten note is finding its way back into holiday traditions. And with good reason. New research into the benefits of handwriting will have your family skipping the pre-fab photo card and picking up a pen.

1. Heightened brain activation leads to improved reading ability in young children.

The act of writing by hand helps create neural pathways in the brain that are also activated when we read [1].

This brain activation does not occur when we type or text. In children learning to read, they must “break the code” of the alphabet. Associating symbols with distinct sounds.

Handwriting builds the neural links in the brain that help children more quickly decipher text as they read. Handwriting has even been shown to improve reading in children with dyslexia [1].

Involve your school-age children in writing your family’s holiday greeting cards. This will improve their ability to recognize characters and more quickly associate them with the correct sounds. But, context matters. Thinking about and writing a letter engages more of the brain than simply drawing the shapes that form letters and words.

2. Increased grades and standardized test scores when handwriting is practiced and becomes more legible.

It’s true that many classrooms are becoming more and more dependent on technology. But the act of writing out answers with pencil and paper is still a primary method of evaluation in most classrooms.

College entrance exams like the ACT and SAT also require a handwritten essay component.  Illegible handwriting can be assigned a grade of “0” on these standardized tests.

Research has also shown grader bias based on handwriting quality, resulting in lower test scores for those with hard to read or sloppy handwriting [2].

Get your middle and high school students involved in your holiday writing. The simple act of practicing and improving the legibility of their writing can help increase their test scores and classroom grades.

3. Enhanced fine motor development for budding musicians, artists and doctors.

Learning to write in cursive has an additional benefit over printing.

The complexity of the more demanding movements in cursive writing helps train the brain’s fine motor cortex [3]. Cursive writing better integrates the visual and tactile senses, in much the same way as playing an instrument or creating a work of art.

Encourage your older students to use your holiday cards as an opportunity to practice and refine their cursive writing. The added practice will help make them better musicians, artists and doctors.

4. Richer, more meaningful connections through greater personalization.

Handwritten words builder deeper, more authentic relationships when compared to digital forms of communication like texting and email [4].

Survey results of people’s reactions towards sending and receiving handwritten mail show they are seen as warmer, more authentic forms of communication. There is an unmatched significance and charm in a handwritten note.

In a world of dashed-off texts and pre-fabricated sentiments, someone feels special and excited when they receive a handwritten note in the mail.

Mailing holiday cards with a personal handwritten note is a great way to show those you care about most, just how much you care.

5. Improved focus and idea generation by disconnecting from the hurried nature of texting and typing.

Your brain processes handwriting differently than texting or typing.

The focus of typing and texting is quickly selecting and touching the right letter.  It’s more of an automatic process.

By comparison, the sequential manipulation of strokes in handwriting, activates massive regions of the brain involved in thinking, language, and working memory [2].

Holidays are a great time for reflection and introspection. The simple act of writing your holiday cards by hand will help you and your family express more ideas and emotions.

6. Strengthened relationships through shared experiences.

Writing a handwritten holiday greeting helps create a shared experience. A shared memory. You infuse your voice into your writing.

When the recipient reads your handwriting, they hear your voice and visualize you as they read. Their brain actually interprets the experience as if it was really happening, in real time [5].

As you write your Christmas wishes, infuse your personality and style into your writing. Write as you would if you were actually speaking to the person. Use vivid words that require them to draw a mental picture. You’ll enhance your relationship by creating a lasting memory to be treasured.

Give it a Try!

Let the moments of this holiday season be cherished and experienced to their fullest.  

Disconnect from the distractions. Engage with the sounds, sights, touches, thoughts and emotions of the moments. Share the experiences.  

Let your handwritten greeting on a handmade, eco-friendly letterpress card be a gift you give to yourself and that you share with those you care about most.



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