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What Will Your "Happily Ever After" Be this Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Day

What's your favorite classic fairy tale?

Cinderella, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty were among my favorites as a child.  I loved the beautiful princess gowns, the handsome princes and the sense of fright that the villain in each story made me feel.

But now that I’m older, I find the stories somewhat predictable.

Fairy tales all seem to start the same way with“once upon a time”.

They also seem to end the same way with the typical “and they lived happily ever after”.

Overall, they leave me lacking.

What fairy tales don’t seem to emphasize is that it’s what happens after the story is over that makes for a true life fairy tale.  The end of those books is really just the beginning.

Living Happily Ever After

A lot goes into living “happily ever after”.  Trust me, I know.  We’ve been married for almost 20 years now.  Happily ever after doesn’t mean happy every minute of every day.

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But there are real life fairy tale moments along the journey.

And they’re grander than you could imagine!

  • It’s the newlywed couple moving in together and learning how to make compromises.
  • It’s the joy of finally bringing home a baby after a long stay in the NICU.
  • It’s the pride in sending your child to college knowing he is the first in your family to do so.
  • It’s the celebration of 50 years of marriage surrounded by friends and three generations of family.
  • It’s the “see you later” moment in a hospital room to the husband you’ve loved for over 67 years.

It’s all of these things and more.  

And they’re all worth acknowledging and celebrating.  

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The stuff of fairy tales is the real life stuff that can’t be scripted.

I’ve paid tribute to those moments with our newest card designs.  Elements from traditional fairy tale stories may grace the outside of each card, but it’s what you write on the inside that makes it come to life.  

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What's the Rest of Your Story Going to Be?

Valentine's Day is for finding new love and celebrating the love of your life. Writing a handwritten note that somehow captures all that you feel for your special someone.

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But don't make it just about this one day. This Valentine's celebrate all the many events that you've celebrated in your "Happily Ever After". Take a trip down memory lane and relive the moments that have made you the couple you are today.

Not married yet? Try simply sharing the life you'd like to live. The many moments and adventures you see yourself, and your future love, sharing together.

May one day your "Once Upon a Time" be a memory from this Valentine's Day!


Creative Commons image courtesy of elPadawan via flickr.

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