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Overcoming the Biggest Obstacle to Reaching Your New Year's Resolution

New Year Social Writing Tips

Overcome Distance New Year's Resolution

What's the biggest obstacle stopping you from reaching your New Year's Resolution?

Answer: Distance.

The farther you physically need to go in order to work on your goal, the less likely you'll ever get there.

Getting to the gym each week is made harder the longer the drive. Connecting more with friends and family is made more difficult the farther they live from you. Finding a new romance may seem impossible if you've already depleted the dating pool at work.

See the pattern?

No matter the resolution, the farther you need to go or the more effort needed to get there, the less likely you are to reach your New Year's resolution.

So, if you are serious about getting there this year, if you really want to kick that habit, discover the new you, make this year better than last year, then try minimizing the distance and effort needed to work towards your goal.

Try these distance busting ideas:

  • Pack your gym clothes and take them with you to work. You're more likely to stop by the gym.  Better yet, sleep in your gym clothes and get up a little early and get it over with.
  • Want to each healthy? Spend one day each week preparing several healthy, ready-to-go quick snacks. You're more likely to eat them if they are right in front of you.
  • Want to get serious about your personal quiet time? Put it on your calendar. Set a place and have it all ready. Tell everyone you're going to do it. If your space is inviting and all setup, you're more likely to make it happen.

Want to kick a bad habit? Try putting MORE distance between you and the habit. The harder it is to get there, the LESS likely you are to do it!

  • Want to eat less junk food? Don't have it in the house. Make yourself drive to get it.
  • Want to stop smoking? Leave them at work.  Lock your cigarettes in your car.
  • Want to stop over sleeping? Put your alarm clock across the room.
  • Want to stop bing watching streaming TV? Take the batteries out of the remote and put them in the cabinet in your garage.

Bottom line: The easier you make things, the easier they are do accomplish. The harder you have to work or the farther you have to go, the harder it becomes to overindulge.

At this point you should be asking how this is related to note writing...

We're so glad you asked!

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Happy Writing!


Creative Commons cover photo courtesy of KOMUnews via flickr.

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