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Christmas May Be Over, But Don't Throw Away Those Christmas Cards

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Christmas Card Recycle

What to do with all those Christmas cards displayed around the house?

Most of us probably just toss them in the trash, right?  I mean, what else are you to do with a Christmas card once Christmas is over?

Being the ever-mindful eco-friendly letterpress printers that we are, we've got three simple ideas that can bring new life to this year's Christmas cards.  Instead of trash, turn this year's Christmas cards into treasures that can keep the meaning and joy of Christmas going long after the new year.

1. Dwell

Dwelling on the past may sound negative, but there's actually a positive side to the concept of "dwell".

We can purposefully dwell on some aspect of our lives, or the lives of others, for the express purpose of seeking to connect. We can sit with memories or experiences that cause us to be mindful of our many blessings.

Try this on for size: Pack up all your Christmas cards into a box and place them in a location you frequently visit - perhaps the kitchen table or wherever your family does a weekly devotional together.  Each week, pull one out and take a few minutes to pray for the family who sent you the Christmas greeting.  

You'll get a jolt of happiness from giving the free gift of thoughtful prayer and remaining connected with family and friends throughout the year. What a treasure to pray for God's spirit working in the lives of those you love.

Then, when you're done praying, try one of these next ideas to give this year's Christmas cards a repurposed life of meaning.


2. Deconstruct

If you're handy with a pair of scissors, then this is just the project for you!

Try this quick and easy activity: Turn those old Christmas cards into gift tags or postcards for next year.

It's easy, and all you need is a pair of scissors and maybe a hole punch.

Now, you may want to be cautious about which cards you use for this activity.  Sending a repurposed photo of someone else's family may not be the sentiment you want to express. But, recycling the beautiful pictures and thoughtfully printed words on your old Christmas cards is a great way to save a little money while helping the Earth stay a little greener.

Need a little help with this one?  Here's a quick how-to article for repurposing birthday cards that can easily be used to turn your old Christmas cards into cherished little treasures for next year.

Don't think yourself the "crafty" type? No problem, try this next idea. You'll get all the benefits of the happiness boost without all the work.


3. Donate

If you're pressed for time or don't consider yourself handy with scissors, then this idea is perfect for you.

You can easily help out the St. Jude's Ranch for Children by donating your used Christmas cards to their Recycled Card Program.

Here's how it works: Simply package up all your Christmas cards, stop by the post office, and drop them in the mail to St. Jude's. The kids take care of the rest, turning your old cards into repurposed, sellable card sets for next year.

And best of all, the proceeds of your generosity and thoughtfulness go directly to support the mission of St. Jude's Ranch for Children.

You'll experience an amazing emotional high knowing that items destined for your trash can are going to support children and families in need.

Now, Which Idea Are You Going to Pick?

You should probably stop what you're doing (yeah, stop reading and go do it) and go grab your Christmas cards while it's on your mind.

No matter which you choose as your special Christmas card repurposing project:

  1. Pray
  2. Create
  3. Donate'll feel better connected to yourself and with others.  After all, Christmas is all about sharing our greatest gift with others and it doesn't have to end when the calendar turns to December 26th.

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