'Tis the Season for Thankfulness

Letterpress Thankful Abundance Full HeartSee more of our letterpress thank you cards in our Etsy Shop.

Last month we celebrated 2 years.

We took a step back to see all that we’ve learned about ourselves, letterpress printing, and running our own stationery business.

With the holiday season fast approaching, we have noticed that many people use this time to reflect on all the many ways we have to be thankful.  This often involves looking back at the past year.  Seeing the many blessings, the struggles we’ve overcome, the meaningful events of our lives.

But in this season of giving thanks, we’d like to invite you to join us in doing something a little different.

Join us as we take a look ahead. To the future.

We’re finding ways this holiday season to be thankful for what we hope our future will look like.  For all the opportunities and the possibilities to come.

Our 5 BIG “Thanks” for Things Yet to Happen… but we’re working on them!

Letterpress Thank You Kindly
See more of our letterpress thank you cards in our Etsy Shop.

1. Design. We’re about to transition our design process to a whole new level!  And, we are so thankful for being led into this new direction.  We are thankful for technology.  For the potential this new process will have on our designs, our business and your enjoyment of our letterpress cards.

2. Reach.  We’ve grown slowly.  We’re thankful for this.  But now we are ready to expand our reach into new markets, new states, and even more retail stores across the United States. We’re thankful for having a new vision and a renewed sense of energy!  If you’ve got a store you’d like to see our cards in, please let us know.

3. Brand. Commerce is a big world!  It’s no longer you and your community and your city. Retail is global. It’s connected. We’re thankful for friends and colleagues who are helping us better define our brand, hone in on who we are as a stationery business, and to better communicate our uniqueness as an eco-friendly letterpress studio.

4. Priorities.  We are so excited to becoming more focused.  We look to spend our time in ways that will make the biggest impact for us and for the people who purchase our cards. We’re thankful for moving forward with better defined priorities, as husband and wife, as a business, and as community leaders.

5. Giving.  We love to give, to serve, and to help those in need.  And, we’d like to do more of it!  We are thankful for the gifts and talents God has given us and we’re excited about the opportunities that we’re pursuing to use these gifts to benefit our communities.

Stay tuned to 2017 and the months ahead. We’ll be releasing periodic updates as we finalize some of these exciting future adventures.

Now, Over to You

What are you anticipating for the future that excites you?

We’d love to join you in celebrating your own personal reasons for being thankful.

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