About Us

Our company is driven by 6 core beliefs:

We believe in honoring God.

The foundation of our beliefs is rooted in our faith in God. That’s why you’ll always find positive and uplifting messages on our letterpress cards. We design limited edition greeting cards and stationery to help you express your faith and inspire others with your handwritten notes.

handmade card

You’ll always find positive and uplifting messages on our letterpress cards.

No foul language.  No off-color humor.  Just great handcrafted designs that help you honor God and others.

We believe in protecting the environment.

You can be proud of mailing premium letterpress cards printed on 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper that was manufactured using 100% certified renewable energy.

recycled paper envelopes

We are committed to sustainable, environmentally-conscious printing and packaging. We also offer a range of recycled and sustainably produced envelopes.

By purchasing our letterpress cards, you join us in supporting efforts to be good stewards of the resources entrusted to us.

We believe in connecting with others.

Robin & Brannon Carter are a husband and wife team in all of life’s adventures.

Robin and Brannon

The name R&B Printery is derived from the names of husband and wife co-owners, Robin and Brannon.

As teachers, foster parents, group home parents, ministry leaders and mentors, we’ve learned that at the core of it all, it’s all about relationships.  We strive to use our gifts and abilities to help others build stronger, more connected relationships.

We believe in giving back.

As we are blessed, we may bless others.

When you purchase our handmade letterpress cards, you partner with us in supporting literacy skills in our community and across the US.  10% of the profits from every card you purchase is donated to help improve reading and writing skills in children, youth and adults.

We believe in the power of words.

Whether spoken or written, our words have the power to heal, encourage, and inspire.

Robin hand drawn designs

Many of our designs are hand-drawn, original creations.

But, it’s not always easy to say what’s on our heart or in our thoughts.  So, we develop how-to articles that help educate, encourage and inspire your handwritten memories.

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We believe in the power of small businesses.

Whether you shop local or across the US, we encourage you to shop small. Our country was founded on small businesses.  Today's market is becoming depersonalized, automated, "big box". But, we're working to provide a better way!

Brannon press

We use a vintage Chandler & Price printing press from 1906 to print each individual card.

We believe in the "small but mighty" mentality.  Compared to big chains and online superstores, we're nimble, personal, and we work for YOU!  Together we can build a stronger, more authentic America.